• Your U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer for local truck rental in Highland, IL

  • Whether you’re moving in or getting out of Dodge, Edgecliff Services has the things you need to get all your stuff from point A to point B. In fact, we’re a U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer serving Highland, IL, and movers throughout the Metro-East area. With a range of vehicles, easy rental agreements and 24-hour drop off, we make the hassle of moving just a little bit easier.

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  • Moving Tips from the Pros at Edgecliff

    The prospect of moving can be stressful and tiresome, especially if you’re moving an entire home in just a weekend. Furthermore, the hassle of moving can be compounded if you don’t do a little thinking beforehand. Take a look at our top moving tips below, and make sure you don’t forget anything when moving day arrives!

  • Pro Moving Tip #1:

    Make sure you rent the truck ahead of time. The U-Haul rental process is quite simple and takes just a few moments to complete online. Don’t skip this and be one truck.

  • Pro Moving Tip #2:

    The process of moving into a home can be filthy. Prepare by packing cleaning supplies that you can put to use right away for spills, dusty floors and more! 

  • Pro Moving Tip #3:

    Throughout the hustle of moving day, accidents can happen. Make sure your first-aid kit is updated and accessible to stop the bleeding when something goes wrong. 

  • Pro Moving Tip #4:

    Keep your tools within reach. You never know when a door will have to come off or screw will need to be tightened to accommodate your move.

  • Pro Moving Tip #5:

    Ditch the cardboard boxes for large, reusable totes. You’ll spend more, but they reduce the trash produced during the move and double as storage after.

  • Pro Moving Tip #6:

    Think about the bare necessities. It’s easy to forget about the in-between times. That means packing toilet paper, hand soap and other essentials that you'll need right away.

  • Pro Moving Tip #7:

    Bring the water. It’s customary to buy beer for the help, but you should stick with water, especially if you’re moving in the summer. This will help keep you hydrated and stave off exhaustion.

  • Pro Moving Tip #8:

    Eat something. It’s easy to get caught up and work right through lunchtime. However, you’ll need your energy – be sure to stop and refuel throughout the day to help keep you energized.

  • Pro Moving Tip #9:

    Relax. We know you're eager to get settled. Rome wasn’t built in one day, and you won’t be moved in one day, either. Don’t hesitate to take a break, and relieve some of that stress.